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Can Flash Player help your research project?

March 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Last autumn I gave a talk at RoCHI ( a Romanian academic conference about human computer interaction. I wasn’t very excited to attend the talks there since I didn’t have very high expectation about the research activities in Romania. Well, I was very wrong. About half of the subjects and presentations there left me “mouth open’” .I also  had the pleasure to meet Mr. Sabin Buraga who I can say is a true Teacher 2.0 :) and who was one of the main responsible for putting together that inspiring conference.

But there is one subject in particular that I want to talk about: Augmented Reality. Because at that little conference I had the pleasure of staring at some extremely cool augmented reality demos. They were based, I think, on some versions of ARToolKit, also a joint research effort from multiple universities. And I was thinking: How can this technology be put to use on some real projects? How can it be evangelized?

Then I forgot about it until a colleague of mine showed me this demo. It was made with a Flash port of ARToolKit called FLARToolKit by Saqoosha. How cool was that, augmented reality in Flash!

And then the creative agencies got them and now it seems to be a fad:

and I think that BMW is preparing one for Mini.

I realized that once the ARToolKit algorithms got to run in Flash Player and thus reach 98% web audience and some creative agencies figured out they could do something with them, the technology just got free advertising worldwide. I am thinking that if you are working on the next graphical or visualization algorithms you might really want to consider them running on Flash Player. Just for the sake of a cooooool demo that can be seen by everybody. Not to mention that with Alchemy you can still have all or part of your algorithms written in C or C++ and compile them to run on Flash Player.

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ODE (Open Dynamic Engine) for Flash

February 23rd, 2009 7 comments

I’ve took Alchemy for a test and decided to compile ODE (Open Dynamic Engine). Just to add yet another physics engine to the Flash World. It was a hell of a ride but I finally got to produce some bouncing balls :) . For a still unknown reason some as 3d libraries have been very slow to render 6 translucent walls and 2 balls. Papervision3D seems to move quite decent.

You can download the ode sources from here. To recompile them do (you need to have the Alchemy  environment turned on):


make clean



cd ../ode/src


cd ../swc


And here are the bouncing balls:


The Source view for the bouncing balls seems to be broken. So if you want to see the source for my little test project here it is.

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