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GoDaddy – account problems – Anybody can help?

October 13th, 2008 Comments off

Some of our sites (mine, Mihai‘s and Cornel‘s) have been down in the last 24-48h due to an account problem with GoDaddy. We had an account (at about 10$/month) with them with an limited HDD quota (about 150MB). Somehow we surpassed that quota without noticing (no big red thing, no warnings) … and we got a 7000$ bill. We called support and they say we surpassed our HDD quota by 58% but they didn’t want to say for how long or any other info. We asked why they didn’t upgrade at the next account level which is 14$/month, unlimited HDD quota. They say they can do that now . So we paid the new account … but then they said that we still own them 800$ (don’t know what computation they did to come up with this) and because of that they can’t give us access to the old account and they cannot migrate the DB .

I personally believe that this is unacceptable way of doing business.

Because of that it might take some time to get all the posts back (we have some back-ups and long live Google Cache). If anyone lived that before and solved (without paying a ton of money to GoDaddy) … or can help us in some way we would be more that grateful!

You can see a more romanced post at Mihai’s Blog as he dealt with them on the phone.

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