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December 12th, 2010 No comments

I thought its time to get my ass back to this “electronic typewriter” and do the writing exercise again. When I was working for Adobe they kinda forced me to do this … and I was grateful for that. I mean I love to search for answer and geeky stuff on Google and stumble on someone post that answer to my question. And this would not be possible if everybody was lazy like I was this year and didn’t want to share his hackings on this cool and crazy thing called The Internet.

Last 10 months were a very interesting ride for me to take. My decision to take a break from corporate world wasn’t planned in advance. It was more of an impulse thing following some health problem that I had at that time (I almost broke my back while playing tennis). Life in Adobe was not that great for me either as the business in the region got hit hard by the recession.  So I was kinda confused and scared. Scared because of my back issue.  Luckily I got a good advice from an childhood friend that told me: “Do you have enough money to stop working without freaking out about the cost  of living? Yeap, I said. Then just stop and after 2 months you will figure out!”.

And that is what I did. And I start thinking about taking a year off and going in Thailand. I even thought that would be not so hard to just do some small contract work and just linger there for some time. Then I thought about trying to get a PhD in social science. Social is the new cool thing today Smile. Oh, and speaking about social, I experimented also with social gaming but it didn’t took off. Not because the idea was not good but the team I joined then was more oriented to dreaming that to execution. Which made me think that the essential thing when you do a start-up is execution. More than a good idea.

Luckily I continued doing small consulting work cause I got bored in the afternoons (mornings were occupied by gym workouts with my back as the main beneficiary). And in one summer day a guy came to me wanting some custom Flex components. It sounded like fun as 20 years ago I started programming trying to do graphic things … on Z80 processors Smile. Working on these graphical components woke up the little geek in me. The other geeky part for this was that these components were designed to be used for visualizing data from Building Automation Systems. This gadget thing was another passion of my childhood. I still remember how I was trying to build a microphone out of a graphite bar and two razor blades.

The next thing I know was that after two months of crazy hacking I jumped into a plane to Los Angeles to meet the guy and I think it was an instant chemistry Smile. I found that this chemistry thing is important when you work with somebody. Another two months of hacking and here I am totally sold to the idea and I am about to open an office here in Romania (I am very reluctant leaving this country … although everybody tells me to do so) and start moving the hacking to a new level Smile. The company is called J2 Innovative Concepts and we are building some sort of a Visual Basic for devices (as I like to call it).

So I promise you to keep posting new technical stuff while I build the “next big thing”. I still do a lot of Air and Flash but now I look how I can make these technologies to be the front-end of microcontrollers, sensors and other geeky stuff Smile

What can I say, it seems that at least for me nothing beats hacking when it comes to fill a boring summer afternoon.

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