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Enterprise RIA = Transport Tycoon

I’ve just saw one of the coolest application ever at the MAX Day 2 Keynote. You might think that it’s something about entertainment or a new tweeter thing :) . Well no, the coolest application I’ve seen in a while was actually a business application. FedEx built an app to monitor critical packages (like artwork or cryogenic stuff). And it looks like Transport Tycoon if you remember the old game. You can manage a whole fleet using an app that looks very much like a strategy game. Only that this is for real, with real stuff, real events and real money. Who would have believed 10-15 years ago that the strategy games we played will become the management tools of today. Now I realize that this is not just the RIA and Flex. It’s about building a large interactive system, with sensors,
geolocation, all the hardware and the communication infrastructure. Flex and LCDS was only the cherry on top of the whole thing. I think these kinds of applications are way beyond “cool”. You can really feel the difference that these systems bring in productivity and eventually in our life. I wish we had such applications internally at Adobe :D . Watch out for the MAX Day 2 video, which should be posted soon on AdobeTV.

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