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Obama and Video on Internet

February 2nd, 2009

As you probably have read by now, the US House passed Obama’s $819 billion stimulus package. Now I am not a very big fan of US politics but reading through the news I’ve found out that some of this money will be going in infrastructure spending. From that, 6 billion will go to expand broadband Internet access. Through its “Digital Britain” program, the UK is looking to put high-speed Internet all around the country. As far as the media covers other rich states are directing part of their stimulus packages to the same area.

Reading all these reports, I was struck by an all too obvious fact. If all this money will make broadband more prevalent in the next few years, this means that video (one of the Internet media formats most limited by current broadband penetration) will have a lot of new technical space to expand. Isn’t it cool that more than 80% of Internet video is delivered through Flash Player?

That being said I imagine that DRM will be a hot topic in the next year since big media companies will not want to release their most precious bits unprotected. Currently only AIR has DRM so I can’t but urge the Player team to get that into Flash Player as well.

So … Stay tuned!

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  1. Ryan
    February 3rd, 2009 at 12:22 | #1

    Please lets not burden the flash player with any more DRM than it already has.

    DRM doesn’t work – information (and media) yearns to be free. Any movie, game, TV show you could possibly want is already available on the internet, pirated by someone and offered up for anyone.

    The solution is for the studios to offer the same content, in high quality, and make it easier to get. HuLu.com is a great example. Its a joint venture between NBC, Fox and many other networks and studios. You can watch many TV shows and movies in high resolution for free there, usually the very next day after it airs on TV. And they do it using Flash player.

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